We dare you to try one of these challenging beauty looks

By Alex Apatoff
December 04, 2013 02:00 PM

Getty(2); Invision/AP

Holiday party season is upon us, and you know what that means: Lots of gold eyeshadow, black liner and easy-to-reapply pink lipgloss (for all those applications between sips of champagne and bites of cookie).

But what if you decided to challenge yourself a bit more on the beauty front this holiday season? This is the best time to experiment with a dramatic, bold beauty look that might feel a little out-of-place in warmer months. A simple LBD is the perfect blank canvas against which to experiment with something fun and unexpected. We rounded up three looks on stars we love to give you some inspiration to jump into the deep end of the lipcolor pool.

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First up is Marion Cotillard in a deep, rich plum color with a hint of sheen. Her shade flirts with purple without being too over-the-top, making it the perfect way to try the trend. Contoured cheekbones and a light wash of shadow in a complimentary shade are dramatic but not overdone.

Lupita Nyong’o has been nailing it on the makeup front in one beautiful look after another — and she never plays it safe. Her frosty mocha lip and shimmery, smoky eye create a monochromatic makeup look that’s perfect against her stark white dress. Her makeup artist Nick Barose achieved the look with (yep) black lipstick.”It’s MAC ‘Hautecore’ lipstick, that inky black lipstick they launched for Black Friday,” Barose says. “Black lipstick is almost impossible to pull off but it’s about balance. As long as you keep it from being matte or too opaque the effect can be more glamorous than goth … On Lupita I did the eyes in black too so the whole look is not colorful, but more like leading lady in classic black-and-white silent films.”

And finally, Allison Williams goes for a classic holiday look that still packs plenty of punch: A clean, porcelain face with lots of lashes and a creamy, glossy red lip.

Would you give any of these looks a try? If so, which? What’s your favorite holiday party beauty look?

–Alex Apatoff, reporting by Jackie Fields