By peoplemag
Updated June 10, 2007 05:17 PM
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Does your dad love to keep up to date with the latest music, movies and tv shows? Skip the usual ties and shirts — check out what we think your pop culture loving dad will want on his big day.

The Gift of Entertainment: Wow him with Philips all in one DVD player and iPod dock. $179 at

The Gift of Cable: Let him “hug it out” with the second season of Entourage on DVD. $40 at

The Gift of Gaming: Bring out the kid in him with the Guitar Hero 2 bundle with guitar. $77 at

The Gift of Music: Samsung’s K3 MP3 player is slim and chic in a James Bond kind of way. $120 at

The Gift of Fashion: Musician tees are another great gift for the music lover. Starting at $20 at

The Gift of Style: These Juicy Couture roulette wheel cuff links add a touch of fun to any work day. $125 at