Get inspiration for Father's Day gifts with these editors' picks

By Alex Apatoff
Updated June 11, 2013 03:51 PM

True story: A editor once gave her dad an XXL Snuggie as a joke. Since she never wants to see that particular look on his face again, she (and a bunch of other editors) spent some time searching for the perfect picks for our dads (and granddads and new dads). Hopefully, this roundup will help you avoid getting the same horrified reaction from your own pops on Father’s Day.

Courtesy Bonobos

Style Director Andrea Lavinthal: Almost five months ago my brother became a first time dad (shout out to my niece, Skylar Reese!) and since then, he’s had baby spit-up on his clothes almost every time I’ve seen him.

That’s why I’m buying my big bro some cool new pieces from Bonobos, including a pair of the brand’s Travel Jeans, $98 in light gray. Between the slim cut and trendy color, they’re pretty much the anti “dad jean.” He can wear them to the office for casual Fridays or to the park for playtime with Skylar.

Courtesy Ray-Ban

Style News Editor Alex Apatoff: I forced my dad to do a major closet clean-out last time I was home, which purged his wardrobe of a bunch of old suits, goofy jeans and a pair of golf course sunglasses, much to his dismay. Of course, that means that I’m now responsible for replenishing his wardrobe with stuff he should wear.

First up: A pair of stylish, debonair shades to replace the ones I sent packing. Hopefully he’ll learn to love these streamlined, hip-without-being-ridiculous pair of Ray-Bans, $129.95 on and off the green.

Courtesy L’Occitane

Associate Editor Brittany Talarico: My dad always pokes fun at my mom for her intense beauty routine. And since the extent of his skincare regimen is a disposable razer and a can of shaving cream, I wanted to open his eyes to a better grooming experience.

Enter L’Occitane’s Cade gift set. The kit features a shaving cream, after-shave balm and shower gel infused with juniper, sandalwood, and rosemary essential oils. Not only does it smell amazing, but it comes in cool man-friendly packaging. I know he’ll love it… even if he doesn’t admit he enjoys a bit of pampering.

Courtesy Flint and Tinder

Senior Style Editor Zoë Ruderman: Now that my parents live almost year-round at the beach, I considered getting my dad a new bathing suit to replace the one he’s been using for years. But then I remembered the beach they live on is on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, which is freezing about eight months out of the year. And even when the beach itself isn’t freezing, the water is pretty cold every month but August. So, in the name of practicality, I got my dad a pair of Flint and Tinder’s new All Summer Board Shorts, $69.95, which double as a swimsuit.

They’re made of a fast-drying microfiber that’s also water-resistant and have mesh pockets. And while the cut is similar to a board short, these don’t feature a loud, typical board short print. So my dad can wear them all summer off the beach and that one day in mid-August when he actually does go in the water.

And for all you last minute shoppers who still don’t have a gift for dad (or won’t make it home to see him this weekend), has a brilliant solution. This innovative site allows you to customize a special booklet of gift options (you can even personalize the cover!) based on a survey you take about your dad’s interests. The coolest part? As soon as your gifts have been selected, you can email the virtual catalog directly to him, so he can pick out his present. You’re bound to rack up some serious brownie points.

Tell us: What are you buying your dad for Father’s Day?