Brad Goreski, NeNe Leakes and Melissa Rivers dish in their signature hilarious way 


E!’s Fashion Police returned this month for a dose of tell-it-like-it-is style critiques. So when they were in town to talk all things New York Fashion Week, we caught up with cast members NeNe Leakes, Brad Goreski and Melissa Rivers to find out more of their rawest thoughts on the style stars of the moment for our “5 Questions” video series.

Turns out, they all agree on one star who is the most overhyped — Taylor Swift. “I just really don’t get it,” Leakes says.

Rivers adds, “But it’s almost unfair to say it because she is so stalked by the paparazzi and so followed that I don’t know if she is hyping herself or if it’s almost become this self-fulfilling prophecy.”

And while their hold-nothing-back approach gains them fans far and wide, we wanted to know if they’ve ever actually gotten confronted by the celebs or designers they’re critiquing. “If I say something nice about a designer or a dress that they’ve made or a stylist or a celebrity, usually people are like ‘thank you so much for saying something so positive or liking the look,'” explains Goreski. “I think also the spirit of how we kind of talk about how we don’t like things is we will kind of tell why and then suggest how we would do it.”

The BUILD Series Presents The Fashion Police - Melissa Rivers, Brad Goreski and NeNe Leakes Discussing The Upcoming Fashion Week
Credit: Mike Pont/WireImage

Mike Pont/WireImage

“Because every top designer wants us to point out what they’ve done wrong,” Rivers jokes. “But I do know that a lot of designers watch the show and enjoy the show.”

In fact, she says even designers many wouldn’t really expect are secret fans. “I’ve heard from many, many [people], sometimes from people you would not think would be watching Fashion Police that have the reputation of being super fancy and high-end, and you hear [them whisper], ‘I watch your show.'”

Watch them debate the choker trend (Goreski thinks they’re “over” but his co-stars have other thoughts), share who they think Joan Rivers would be obsessed with these days and more in the video above.