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Ever since Korean beauty has upended our skincare routines and introduced tons of new products into our lives — like oil-based cleansers and essences — we just can’t get enough. Many of us can’t even remember what life was like prior to our new K-beauty routines, which include double cleansing and applying skincare products in the correct order (from lowest to highest pH levels). One of the biggest phenomenons K-beauty has introduced are sheet masks: Thin, paperlike sheets with nose, eyes, and mouth cut-outs drenched in juicy serums and essences with concentrated ingredients.

After discovering Amazon’s hidden K-beauty storefront that’s filled with skincare, makeup, body, and hair products under $25, we found another beauty gem the retail giant has been keeping tucked away: sheet mask subscription boxes starting at $8.90 a box, shipping included. (Yes, seriously.)


Sheet masks tackle a myriad of skin problems, from dehydration to hyper-pigmentation. They usually have one main extracted ingredient, like green tea or vitamin C, plus boosters like collagen and hyaluronic acid. Many people love to use them as quick fixes for bouncy, radiant, and glowing skin, but they’re typically super soothing and so gentle that you could use one every day if you wanted to.

The FaceTory sheet mask box ($8.90-$34.95; has three subscription options: the 4-Ever Fresh box, which includes four sheet masks; the 7 Lux box, which includes seven sheet masks; and the Lux Plus box, which includes three sheet masks, three full-sized skincare products, and one specialty item.

The 4-Ever Fresh box is the perfect subscription for both K-beauty beginners who are interested in trying out sheet masks but don’t know which ones to get, and K-beauty veterans who want to expand their collection and try new products. With the subscription, you’ll get four brand new sheet masks every month — both FaceTory originals and other brands — plus a little insert with helpful tips and information to get the very best out of that month’s picks. Plus, brand new subscribers can get the box for just $6.23 — now that’s a deal if we’ve ever seen one.


Subscribe! FaceTory 4-Ever Fresh Subscription Box, $6.23;

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