By Kate Hogan
Updated March 31, 2011 01:00 PM

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Penn Badgley could make a paper sack look good, but he’s really working his sharp features — and his philanthropic side — in a new campaign for H&M‘s 2011 Fashion Against AIDS collection. Launching April 26, the unisex line features coats, T-shirts, jumpsuits, hoodies, accessories and more ($5-$149), all sold to benefit youth HIV/AIDS projects around the world. Though designed without gender in mind, the clothes are “like a blank slate and you bring your own … style,” Badgley says in the clip above. “If you wear it with confidence, it becomes very masculine or feminine.” H&M is donating 25 percent of proceeds from sales of the collection to Designers Against AIDS; the collaboration has raised more than $5.9 million since its inception in 2007. “It’s easy to forget when you’re insulated in a country like America that [AIDS] exists here, and that it’s not just this far away problem,” Badgley says. “I think a lot of people, especially young people, forget. They just don’t think about it. I know I didn’t before.” Stars including Selma Blair, Ginnifer Goodwin and Twilight‘s Nikki Reed are joining Badgley in the 2011 campaign. “The more awareness the better,” Badgley says, “and the safer we can all be.” —Kate Hogan