By StyleWatch
Updated July 26, 2010 10:00 PM

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She might be more accustomed to the red carpet’s high-drama glitz, but for her latest Revlon commercial, Jessica Biel is going back to nature–and she’s taking us behind-the-scenes of her picturesque shoot. The overall concept for the Revlon ColorStay Just Bitten Lipstain and Balm ad, she says, was inspired by “this idea of this girl just lounging in the beautiful field, and in this meadow, and the flowers are growing and the wind’s blowing and it’s just a very real environment. And then this kind of mysterious person arrives and breaks her out of her little private moment and they have this kind of playful little scene.” Instead of playing up the jet-set lifestyle fans often associate with the Revlon Global Brand Ambassador, “I think what [we] are trying to create is almost like a watercolor,” she explains, “which is a little bit sleepy and sort of magical–that is what I really respond to.” The $9 two-in-one lip-stain and balm is available now on Tell us: What’s your take on Jessica’s behind-the-scenes shoot? –Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester