April 05, 2010 02:45 PM

Courtesy of Tyra.com

Who better to show off the latest in spring trends than the ever-stylish Tyra Banks? PEOPLE StyleWatch went behind the scenes of Tyra’s shoot for her website, Tyra.com, as she showed off the season’s hottest looks including denim, digital prints, modern clogs and more. Want even more trends? Check out Tyra’s Fierce Fashion Finds, where you can vote on whether the week’s trends are “Fierce or Not So Fierce.” Also, in the April update of the site is a catch-up with Fiercely Real Model winner Sheridan Watson, of whom Tyra enthuses, “Sheridan’s proving that we chose the right girl. I’m so happy that she’s gaining experience to become a model through this contest. I can’t wait until the next one.” Check out all the hottest ideas on Tyra.com now!

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