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Even the most serious fashionista can get stuck in a fashion rut, but Tim Gunn is coming to the rescue with his new book, Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible: The Fascinating History of Everything in Your Closet. The
Project Runway
co-host and style guru is taking a witty look at the world of fashion, with each chapter covering an item of clothing from its earliest incarnation to the present day — everything from shoes to underwear. The book also provides answers to common fashion questions with tips and tricks on style. “Fashion is fun and thrilling — and it’s something that concerns everyone who wears clothing, not just an elite crew in midtown Manhattan,” Gunn said in statement. “Every item of clothing means something, usually a lot of somethings. By pointing out what those things are, I hope this book will delight readers and magically transform their cluttered closets into world of wonders.” This is Gunn’s second book, coming as the follow-up to his New York Times bestseller,
Gunn’s Golden Rules
, but we have a while to wait before we can actually read his advice — the book won’t hit shelves until Fall 2012. Tell us: Are you excited to read Tim Gunn’s new book?–Kim Peiffer