September 13, 2013 01:00 PM

Courtesy ROGUE by Rihanna

What does it look like when Rihanna goes rogue? Watch the singer’s just-released video ad for her latest perfume, aptly named Rogue, to find out.

In the clip, she wears a slinky spaghetti-strap black dress (that reveals a number of her many tattoos) and practices her come-hither gaze while posing sexily on a chair. These shots are interspersed with clips of RiRi strutting into what appears to be a photo shoot (wearing sunglasses and a headscarf).

We could go on about Rihanna’s Rogue video, but you should probably just hit play and see for yourself.

[brightcoveplayer 2665042193001]

Wondering about the inspiration for her new fragrance, its name and the video? Rihanna explains: “People are always changing and evolving. And with Rogue, I wanted to switch it up to reflect who I am today. It’s a personal fragrance that’s more self-aware. It’s rogue, it’s me.”

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Courtesy ROGUE by Rihanna

For more info on Rogue, click here. You can also buy the fragrance (order it now and get a killer clutch with it — for free), the perfume roller ball or a scented lotion.

What do you think about the star’s new perfume ad?

–Annie Daly

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