See an exclusive look at the newly-married couple's Neil Lane wedding jewelry

When actress Lisa Edelstein and artist Robert Russell stopped by jeweler Neil Lane’s L.A. store in the days before their May 25 wedding, the couple was in high spirits.

“They were loving, happy and very excited about getting married,” Lane tells PEOPLE. Adding to their excitement was one crucial last-minute errand — to pick up custom-designed wedding bands and a selection of hand-picked diamond jewelry for their big day.

Lisa Edelstein wedding jewelry

Courtesy Neil Lane(5); Inset:Stefanie Keenan/Getty

Lane worked with the couple for weeks on individual band designs, and created two distinct looks to match their visions. “Lisa wanted something very pretty, simple but elegant and in rose gold, while he was looking for something more masculine, different and cool,” Lane shares.

Edelstein went for a delicate rose gold ring set with dozens of small diamonds, for a total of about two carats. Russell opted for a “very cool” burnished yellow gold band that Lane sand-blasted to give it a textured, more contemporary finish.

“They came in together and were really loving and supported and respected each other’s choices,” the celebrity jeweler adds. “They’re low-key and lovely.”

To complete her wedding look, Edelstein chose a 5-carat diamond bracelet, delicate flower-design earrings and a “touch of sparkle in her hair” with a comb bedecked with a row of diamonds.

While the wedding jewelry came from Lane’s collection, one important piece had more sentimental roots: Edelstein walked down the aisle in her grandmother’s vintage necklace. “This is a really special couple,” says Lane. “They’re creative, loving and I wish them so much happiness!”

–Lizz Leonard