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Mondo Guerra may have lost Project Runway, but he already has one big-name client: Heidi Klum. The TV hostess arrived at Thursday night’s Black Swan premiere in Los Angeles dressed in a variation of Guerra’s finale showpiece, a long, fitted black dress patterned with graphic white bubbles. Klum was a proponent of the Denver native throughout the competition, supporting him over eventual Runway winner Gretchen Jones in the show’s heated finale. “Mondo Guerra was a fan favorite, and one of my favorites as well,” Klum tells “I love his … gown; it really represents his design style, fun yet still chic.” Guerra exclusively tells PEOPLE that he just happened to be in Los Angeles this week when he got a fateful phone call. “As I was packing to come back to Denver my cell phone rang and a bright, cheery, ‘Hello’ greeted me, with a German accent,” he says. “I wasn’t sure who it was, but the next thing I knew, the voice on the other end was asking me, ‘Do you have my dress?'” Ready to drop everything for Klum, Guerra set up an immediate fitting, then jetted home to Denver and hit the fabric store. “The next morning I came back to my studio and made the dress, shipped it overnight for early morning delivery,” he shares. “I knew she had received the dress, but was she going to wear it?” The answer is now fabulously clear, although Guerra didn’t know until about 10 p.m. Thursday night, when friends started reaching out. “I opened Facebook and there on my page were pictures of Heidi wearing the dress,” he recalls. “I yelled, ‘She wore it!’ I slept very well last night.” Guest judge Jessica Simpson also called dibs on the dress during Runway‘s finale, so maybe Mondo’s phone will ring again soon? —Kate Hogan

Heidi Klum Hits the Carpet in 'Runway' Runner-Up's Dress

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