EXCLUSIVE: Justin Timberlake Talks Scents and Sex Appeal

Courtesy of Givenchy

Do you want to know what Justin Timberlake smells like? Well, chances are these days, it’s Givenchy’s men’s scents Play and Play Intense, which the singer signed on to be the face of last year. With his magazine ads breaking in the U.S. in September magazines, the singer dished on his own scent preferences exclusively to PEOPLE. So what smells good to the sexy star? “The greatest scents in the world are pheromones,” he confides. “Just the actual smell of a person’s skin.” But that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t worn his own fair share of fragrances. “I was 13 or something. I thought [Polo fragrance] was cool. I remember when [ck One] was, like, a big deal. Everybody from my school smelled exactly the same.” No more generic scents for Timberlake, though. Although the Givenchy’s scents don’t bear JT’s name, he admits to having a hand in creating the scent. “I think the way we did [it] was kind of cool,” he says, “because [I got ] to pick notes. I’m not a scientist, I won’t be in there doing the chemistry or mixing the chemicals, [but] I really enjoyed the process of working with Givenchy and getting involved in the actual fragrance. It means more to you. It feels more personal. I actually wear it,” he says. But the big question is, what does girlfriend Jessica Biel think? “I get a lot of compliments [from her] when I wear it,” he says. Sometimes, though, even the sexy face of a fragrance brand prefers to go all-natural. “I actually like my own funk smell sometimes,” he says. Buy Play at macys.com, $53 for a 1.7 oz. EDT. Tell us: What do you think of Justin’s Play ads? Will you try the fragrances?

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