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Who could resist being made into a Barbie doll? Certainly not Heidi Klum. “I am so into Barbie,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively. “It has been a dream come true.” For her Barbie, which hit shelves in September as part of Barbie’s Blonde Ambition collection, the supermodel decided to recreate her duet performance with husband Seal at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. “I thought this would be something that Leni would really like, and it was a really great moment for me,” says Heidi of the doll’s Ungaro-inspired sequin mini and a replica of Heidi’s wedding band and diamond ring. “I had to pick a moment that is me, otherwise, I would have been a princess.” But she doesn’t just love her own doll — as a Barbie doll collector, some of Heidi’s most treasured dolls are Bob Mackie Barbies, including the Empress Bride and Fantasy Goddess of Africa. “[Bob Mackie] comes up with the most magical, spectacular, over-the-top pieces. He really turns up the volume on these.” And while there is no plan yet for a collaboration between the supermodel and famed costume designer, Heidi already has a vision for her Bob Mackie doll. “I want to be a princess [with] the fluffiest, biggest dress with feathers, glitter, fairy dust and glass ballet slippers,” says Heidi. “You know, something that would be a dream come true for a little girl.” Bob Mackie, are you listening? Get a Heidi Klum Barbie for yourself, $50, at



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