EXCLUSIVE: Cassie Gives PEOPLE the Dirt on Her Clothing Collection

Courtesy DimePiece

There’s no denying that Cassie has quickly become one of music’s fiercest fashionistas, so what could make more sense than her hooking up with edgy sportswear label DimePiece? “I’ve been a fan of the line for a while,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I randomly went on their website and ordered. They emailed me back, like, ‘Hey, we’d love to work with you,'” she explains of her happenstance link-up with the L.A. label. Cassie’s collection itself will be composed entirely of black and white garments, but she assures us that there will be nothing basic about the looks, which currently includes T-shirts and tank tops. “We’re still in the process of designing different things,” she explains of her creative collaboration with the label’s founders Ashley Jones and Laura Fama. “They are amazing girls with such eclectic style and I really admire that. They inspired me not to be afraid of fashion. Most people are so self-conscious, but with this line and how they’ve created it — it’s really amazing. I just wanted to be a part of it.” As for her own half-shaved skull which caused such a stir when she debuted it back in April, she says, “When I did the hairstyle, I hadn’t seen it on anyone else. It was just crazy, punk, off the wall.” Even Cassie herself has been caught off guard by how many girls copied the look after she did it. “After I did it, people sent me photos of other girls doing it,” she says. “So I wouldn’t say I was the first to do it, but I sort of made it mainstream.” Click here to see all of Cassie’s DimePiece collection. Then tell us: Will you buy from the line?


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