The singer shares some of her super sexy new concert looks exclusively with People.

By Emily Kirkpatrick
March 07, 2016 08:01 PM

Britney Spears seems to reaffirm her living legend status on a semi-daily basis — whether that means posting a Googled photo of corn on the cob to her Instagram, nonchalantly picking up abstract painting as a hobby, or dancing about in her bikini, proving her body hasn’t aged a day since “…Baby One More Time.” So, of course, when the singer decided to totally revamp her sexy Las Vegas show “Britney: Piece of Me,” she wasn’t going to do the new costumes halfway.

Britney Spears/Instagram

Denise Truscello (2); Courtesy Nicolas Jebran

Britney’s stylist for the performance, Soyon An, has worked with a number of big name talents such as Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, and Katy Perry, and now she’s bringing her masterful understanding of pop star apparel to bear on a number of new, custom-made pieces for the musical superstar. First on the docket? Showing off that aforementioned killer bod. “There is a lot more skin showing in these costumes,” An told People exclusively via email. “We are also using more bodysuits than the previous iteration with a lot more stones and crystals …We wanted to create whole new worlds within the show for some of the new sections while giving new life to the sections that would remain intact from the previous version of the show.”

As to the reason behind this major change? “Britney wanted to take the costumes to the next level,” An says. “She looks better than ever and her body is in incredible shape. That means hotter, sexier costumes showing more leg, more midriff, more cleavage. The costumes on the new and improved show are the sexiest she’s worn.” One example: The green camo bodysuit with matching cape she wears, entitled “Dark Angel,” created by designer Nicolas Jebran, who tells PeopleStyle that “anything Britney wears looks amazing, so naturally it was easy to design with her inspirations and visions in mind. Being as creative as she is, we went back and fourth and came up with a gorgeous military look that opens the show.”

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Denise Truscello; Courtesy LaBourjoisie (2)

And then of course there’s her new black cutout body-con look complete with a sheer floor-skimming cape from LaBourjoisie, who tells PeopleStyle, “Working with Britney is like a dream. She is this generation’s pop icon.”

According to An, “[all] the designers did an incredible job of turning around from sketch to finish,” completing the entire process in a staggering 2 to 3 weeks. Not only that, but with all those crystal-encrusted looks and intense choreography, as you can imagine, accidents are bound to happen. But luckily, Britney has a team exclusively dedicated to checking her costumes each night post-performance, quickly repairing them for the next day of shows.

Finally, there’s also a brand new bodysuit from designer Bao Tranchi, the creator of that much-buzzed about Oscar gown worn by Ashley Graham as well as Gigi Hadid‘s super sexy AMA moment. Britney’s stylist insists, “If my body could ever be like Britney’s, I’m going to get [a Bao Tranchi bodysuit] for myself!”

While this set of designs and the body they cover are undoubtedly impressive, to say the least, the craziest fact of all about this performance? An says that the pop star’s fastest costume change happens in “twenty seconds max.” Britney, please teach us your six-pack-sporting, quick-change artist ways.

What do you think of Britney’s new costumes? Which is your favorite? Would you make the trip to Las Vegas to see this pop legend?

–Emily Kirkpatrick