Courtesy L’Oreal

Not only will this year’s Best Actress winner at the the Academy Awards receive the coveted golden statue, but the lucky actress will also take home another kind of prize: an exclusive compact from L’Oreal Paris and Carelle composed of amethyst rose de France stones set in 18kt rose-gold-plated silver. Embellished with shooting stars and encrusted with dazzling pavé diamonds, this one-of-a-kind compact, valued at $7,000, will be presented exclusively to the evening’s luckiest lady. The brands have already awarded two other compact designs this year, detailed with orange citrine stones for the Golden Globes and blue topaz for the SAG Awards. But for the Oscars it’s all about amethyst, which is believed to help relieve stress, tension and anxiety. See whether Sandra Bullock, Helen Mirren, Carey Mulligan, Gabourey Sidibe or Meryl Streep ends up taking home this lucky gift at the 82nd annual Oscars premiering March 7 on ABC. It’s good to be golden!–David Yi