Exclusive: All About Nikki Reed's Charitable Collaboration With Graziela Gems

The actress and activist helped design pieces which support her husband Ian Somerhalder's wildlife foundation, ISF

Photo: Courtesy Graziela Gems

Courtesy Graziela Gems

When it comes to helping the planet, Nikki Reed holds causes really close to her heart: Her latest collaboration with Graziela Gems gives to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, founded by yes, her husband. “There’s not much that we don’t do together,” the actress, who’s also a vice president of ISF, tells People of Somerhalder. “We actually connected as friends because of the work that we were both doing that kind of mirrored one another. So he kind of always has seen or known about what I was doing with animals. And I’ve always loved what he’s done to inspire young people and help the world. We knew long before we were together that there was such an element of respect because of our similarities and what we were both passionate about.”

After receiving a pair of earrings from designer Graziela Kaufman as a gift, Reed researched her and discovered that she was devoted to rescuing dogs. They had a “serendipitous and beautiful” connection and decided to collaborate to give back. 60 percent of the purchase price of each piece from the collection (which contains 24 pieces and starts at $69) goes to ISF, which is committed to helping wildlife in many different ways, including emergency medical grants for animals, and showing that helping wildlife also enhances local economies around the world.

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“One of the grants we wrote last year was to build a beehive fence in Tanzania to help with human-elephant conflicts,” says Reed. “Using beehive fences help farmers feel less threatened by elephants coming onto their land, but it also creates honey, which helps give that community another source of income.”

Another recent project Reed is proud of is a spay-and-neuter clinic ISF hosted on a reservation in New Mexico. “A lot of cats and dogs are running around homeless, and they’re overbreeding and spreading disease,” Reed explains. “The team from ISF treated 114 animals, and many needed extra attention for wounds.”

Nikki Reed Graziela

Courtesy Graziela Gems

Among Somerhalder’s favorite pieces from the collection is the $159 turquoise ring (lower left). Reed actually commissioned this design herself. “I called Graziela like a month before Ian’s birthday [in December], and I said I really want to make something special for him,” she says. “So we made him that ring and he literally hasn’t taken it off since. Graziela and I thought that maybe people would be interested in feeling really connected to Ian and having that ring as well. Now that ring is a permanent part of the ISF collection.”

“Much of this Graziela collection is focused on elephants and rhinos because I’m so passionate about ending poaching,” she says. There are rhino-horn pendants that come in turquoise, jasper and jade. The small pendant is $129, and the large pendant is $149.”We have been working with the most famous and fantastic wildlife conservation photographers in the world, Adrian Steirn and we’re gearing up to hopefully co-direct a documentary on rhino poaching. I sent Graziela a lot of those images and I think exposed her to this horrible situation we have going on in Africa.”

Reed describes the pieces and as “very dense, earthy and inspired by movement.” Some pieces are also “inspired by water,” like the Ocean Wave Earrings (top left), which are $89, and the shark fin earrings (center bottom), are $259. Some pieces work for both men and women, like the beaded bracelets (top right), which start at $139. “Ian wears those bracelets almost every day,” reveals Reed.

Nikki Reed Graziela

Courtesy Graziela Gems

“Graziela is just an absolute angel. This came from her heart and I honestly could not be more grateful,” says Reed. “When you purchase something like this, it all comes from a place of love. There’s such a beautiful message behind this collection and the money is used for such incredible things. I hope people feel pride when they own this jewelry; They’re helping to make the world a better place.”

Read more about ISF and shop the entire collection here.

–Catherine Kast

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