From Headbands to Face Masks: Everything Dax Shepard Has Taught Us About Beauty

Dax Shepard takes his self-care routine very seriously

Dax Shepard is the king of self-care.

Whether he’s face masking with wife Kristen Bell or showing off his latest coiffed hairstyle, the comedian embraces his beauty routine — even if it may not be as intense as his wife’s.

“I came out of the bathroom tonight and found this electronic monster in my bed,” he once captioned a hilarious video of Bell laying in bed wearing a glowing, Jason-style face mask during a facial.

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Shepard may not be using $2,300 LED face masks like his wife, but he sure does practice self-care in plenty of other ways. Below, check out all the beauty routines Shepard has shared with us on social media.

It’s Never a Bad Time to Use a Mask

De-puffing his under eyes with an eye mask is always key before a photoshoot — even if that means doing it while driving there!

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“Your mom and dad are heading to a photo shoot for something really special we have been working on for over a year that we hope you LOVE. Dad is driving safely and we are de-puffing on the way!” Bell captioned the selfie of the couple.

Stay Out Of the Sun

Staying clear of the sun’s UV rays is also important to Shepard, who protects his skin from the October L.A. sun by sporting a straw cowboy hat.

His Wife’s Skincare Is Cool

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After watching Bell try sheet mask before bed, Shepard decided there was no reason he shouldn’t give it a whirl too. “I drank Kristen’s Kool-Aid. Let’s see where this goes,” he captioned a selfie while wearing the treatment.

Hair Accessories Can Be Very Practical

Shepard clearly knows that wearing a headband during an intense workout session is key.

Always Document a Great Hair Day

And he knows there’s never a wrong moment to capture an awesome hair day.

“I thought my hair looked good while I brushed my teeth and I wanted a record of it to show my next hair cutter. Night night,” Shepard hilariously captioned a side-angle selfie.

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