Every Single Tattoo Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande Have Gotten to Make Their Love Permanent

The newly engaged couple made their love permanent with a series of personal tattoos

They may have only been together for a few months, by Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande have wasted no time in making their love permanent with lots and lots of tattoos.


Before the couple had even publicly confirmed their relationship, Davidson and Grande decided to wear their hearts on their sleeves … by inking matching tiny clouds on their fingers.

The comedian showed off his new ink in a portrait on Instagram, while fans spotted Grande’s during a concert in May.

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Shortly after their new relationship made headlines, the Saturday Night Live star’s tattoo artist showed off a pair of new Grande-themed tattoos on social media.

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First — and most famously — Davidson had a bunny-eared mask tattooed behind his ear, reminiscent of the mask that Grande wears on the cover of her Dangerous Woman album. He followed that up with a rendering of the initials “AG” on his finger, to really drive home who his heart now belongs to.

In October, fans noticed that the bunny-eared mask had been altered and changed into a large heart tattoo with a small lowercase “a” next to the design. According to Page Six, he transformed his tattoo to match Grande, who has a large heart tattoo on her body (we’re unclear where).


In June, the couple celebrated their engagement by getting the word “reborn” inked onto their thumbs. Davidson showed off his “reborn” tat — and Grande’s massive engagement ring — on Instagram, along with the caption “u know what you’d dream it be like? it’s better than that.”

4. ‘H2GKMO’

A few days later, the engaged couple followed that up with another set of matching tattoos: They both got “H2GKMO” inked on their right thumbs, which is an abbreviation of Grande’s favorite saying, “Honest to God, knock me out.”

Ariana Grande/Instagram


A few days after that, Grande debuted the word “always” on her rib cage, which some fans think is an homage to the couple’s shared love of Harry Potter. (The ink is just barely visible in a few photos she’s posted on her Instagram page; it’s located on the front of her rib cage, right under her bikini top.)

Though she hasn’t properly showed off the ink on social media, it is believed that the tattoo was done in Davidson’s handwriting, because these two are truly more in love than anyone else in the world.

6. ‘PETE’

The singer did away with subtlety completely at the end of June, when she got her fiancé’s name inked on her ring finger, just below the massive, $93,000 pear-shaped diamond that Davidson gave her. (Grande also named a song on Sweetener after Davidson as well.)

7. ‘8418’
Grande’s most recent Davidson-themed ink is the number “8418,” which she placed on her ankle. The tattoo matches one that the comedian has on his arm, commemorating his late father’s FDNY badge number.

Robert Kamau/GC Images; Robert Kamau/GC Images

Davidson’s father was a firefighter who died in 9/11, and the comedian recently stated on Instagram that he “would be so happy” about his engagement to Grande and “would love” her if he was still around.

Splash News; Jason Merritt/Getty

8. ‘Mille Tendresse’

In September Davidson got the same French phrase as Grande (popularized by Breakfast at Tiffany’s), “mille tendresse” on the back of his neck to coordinate with his girl.

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