The man takes pants very seriously

Right now, we are in the midst of one of the greatest Twitter feuds of our time. Yes, greater than the time Kanye West was mad at Jimmy Kimmel. Yes, greater than the time Kanye West was mad at Fern Mallis. Yes, even greater than the time Kanye West was mad at in-app purchases.

Father of two and sometime fashion designer West is currently in a multi-Tweet battle with Wiz Khalifa over a subtweet Khalifa gave him regarding the upcoming album Waves. And while we’ll let the scholars get into the meaning of it all, we need to dissect what’s really important here, and it’s this: West loves pants so much that he took time out of his rant to compliment Khalifa’s (even granting him a hashtag, #wizwearscoolpants). Let’s investigate.

Kanye West Wiz Khalifa feud

Wiz Khalifa/Twitter; Wiz Khalifa/Instagram; Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

(Using our Twitter detective skills we have concluded that Khalifa’s pants, above, are the cool pants to which West refers.)

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But even if West does respect Khalifa’s sartorial game, his commitment to being The King of Cool Pants is deep and serious, and it would be inadvisable to come for the throne. Lest you forget, he invented leather jogging pants.


— Alex Apatoff