Evan Rachel Wood on Her Naked Gucci Ad with Chris Evans: He 'Was My Wardrobe'

The Westworld actress shares a memorable moment from filming her Gucci Guilty ad campaign with the Captain America star


We already admire Evan Rachel Wood for her acting talent (currently on display in HBO's addictive sci-fi drama Westworld), empowering stance on sexuality and daring style. And now we downright envy her because she recently got to "wear" actor Chris Evans for a whole day.

The actress recently shared with PEOPLE a very pleasant memory from shooting her first Gucci Guilty campaign with Evans, one which involved the following dream-like scenario: zero clothing and one handsome movie actor draped around you for hours.

"We were both naked and we had just met," Wood recalls. "It was like, 'Okay so, you're going to be wearing Chris Evans at this photo shoot.' And um, that was my wardrobe," she says with a laugh. "He was so respectful and cool and it made it all so much easier. All we did was listen to Motown and laugh a lot. That was the vibe on set, we were both humbled by the experience."

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Wood adds that while she wasn't exactly suffering for her art, making scenes look sexy takes a lot of work.

"In those shots it looks like we're in the throes and rolling around on a sexy beach or something," she explains. "But we were being very strategically positioned and quite awkwardly so, having to hold these poses. I think I remember being pretty sore at the end of the day actually. So it looked natural, but it can be silly and fun doing it."


And if that's not enough to trigger extreme jealousy, the Across the Universe star says she has come away from the experience with both a great relationship with Gucci and a new buddy.

"Chris and I had a lot of fun doing that, he's one of my very good friends now," she says. "We bonded almost immediately and giggled our way through the whole thing. He's a really great guy so I was very fortunate to be paired up with him because it made the whole experience that much better and I love Gucci, they are so good to me. I still wear the fragrance, but I wear the men's."

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