Courtesy Reebok EasyTone

Watch out, Kim Kardashian! When it comes to fitness footwear, there’s some new competition in town. Eva Mendes is hitting the pavement as the spokesperson for Reebok’s EasyTone, the brand’s answer to the new trend in toning sneakers. “I’m a big walker, and I’m also a person that doesn’t always have time to go to the gym,” the actress told PEOPLE at a recent EasyTone photo shoot. “We all walk throughout the day. It’s just a great way to kind of get a workout while you’re doing your basic daily errands.” Mendes, who ran track on her high school and college teams, says she’s been a fan of Reebok since her teen years, when she rocked a pair of the brand’s pink hi-tops. But now, she’s moved past making a fashion statement, and instead appreciates the way the sneakers have shaped her lower legs. “Once you’re wearing them, you do feel your calves working,” she explains. “I love defined calves.” So how does the actress keep her well-loved EasyTones in tip-top shape? She keeps a pair in every color. “I have a lot,” she admits with a laugh. —Jessica Wedemeyer