Eva Longoria on Her Victoria Beckham Wedding Gown: 'She Was Amazing - a True Bridesmaid!'

The pair proved they're officially the definition of BFF goals

There’s a reason brides choose a posse of their closest BFFs to help them celebrate their big day. Sure, they can offer moral support and a glass of champagne when needed, but more importantly they’re there to help with all the silly minutiae, like lacing you into the corset that may or may not be a size too small and lifting up your twenty-foot train so you can finally use the restroom.

But how many of us can say that Posh Spice personally helped dress us with her own two hands on our big day? Eva Longoria can, which is exactly why her friendship with Victoria Beckham continues to be the stuff of legends.

Eva Longoria wedding Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham/Instagram

At the L.A. Film Festival’s opening night premiere of her latest film Lowriders, Longoria was still sporting that post-honeymoon glow — and gushing all about her bestie’s beautiful dress. According to the actress, when she asked Beckham for the custom favor, the designer said, “Oh my God, that’s awesome. [But] I don’t do wedding dresses, I do dresses.”

Which worked out great, according to Longoria. “I didn’t want a wedding dress,” she said. “It wasn’t my first rodeo and I just wanted something sweet and simple and elegant — and no better person to do it than Victoria. So, I went to London a couple times for fittings and we went over fabric and styles. She pulled out all these fabrics and every single dress she’s ever made. We looked at all the tops, bottoms, zippers, styles, and it was a really fun experience. I’m surprised nobody found out because I was always in London. I kept flying to London to do it and I was like, No one knows we’re here right?”

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And Victoria wasn’t just super involved in the design process, she was super involved in the nuptials as well. When asked about one moment that really stood out to her, Eva replied, “The tequila kind of blurred it all! But it was great. Victoria designed my dress and then I changed in the middle of the night and she changed me. She was just a hands-on designer. She unzipped my dress, took it off, put on the next dress and was like ‘Let’s go!’ She was amazing. She was a true bridesmaid!”

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Longoria touched on babies and family as well, which is no surprise — as she told PeopleStyle a few weeks before her wedding, as excited as she was to get married, it was all about so much more than the dress. “A dress does not make the wedding,” she said. “The centerpiece of a wedding should be love. Not the dress. Not the food. Not the guest list. For me, I don’t put that much importance on it.”

But until then the actress is busy entering a new, much more blonde phase for her post-nuptial life, and as she demonstrated in this post on Instagram, just like prepping for a wedding, it takes a village to be that beautiful.

What do you think of Eva’s wedding dress? Would you want Victoria Beckham to design your gown?

–Emily Kirkpatrick, reporting by Reagan Alexander and Raha Lewis

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