The star shares the makeup look she'll never wear

February 23, 2017 06:50 PM

Actor, producer, director… is there anything Eva Longoria can’t do? (Turns out the answer is yes: wear silver eye shadow — but more on that later.) The multihyphenate star and L’Oréal Paris spokesperson took some time to join PeopleStyle for a Facebook live, where we talked all things beauty and fashion. From her go-to hair and makeup must-haves to calling up designer-slash-best-friend Victoria Beckham for a little styling advice, she gave us all the scoop. Watch the video below for all her funny, smart advice:


Here are some key takeaways we learned:

-Eva started going gray when she was just 18, and says she now has “a full head of gray hair,” requiring trips to the salon every two weeks for upkeep. But when she’s traveling, she gets a little help from L’Oréal Paris’ Root Cover Up spray, which recently launched in the U.S.

-Her fashion inspiration is best friend Victoria Beckham (unsurprising considering she even designed Eva’s wedding dress!) — and she says she’ll call her up for red carpet style advice. “If I’m wearing one of her dresses, [I’ll ask] is it this shoe, or, what about the hair and the makeup? She has great advice for hair and makeup. She knows what should go with that dress.”

-Although she can’t pick a single item in her closet she loves most, she narrows it down to just “shoes, as a category” and shares that she has an entire closet devoted to UGG boots. So how many pairs of the fuzzy boots does she have, exactly? “I don’t even want to say.”

-Eva credits her husband José ‘Pepe’ Bastón for making her feel beautiful. “He makes me feel beautiful, important, special, spoiled, respected, adored… and all of those things make me just walk tall.”

-Her go-to makeup look: Fake lashes, Infallible lipstick (so she doesn’t have to reapply), Voluminous mascara in carbon black, and Blockbuster by Infallible felt-tip eyeliner (all by L’Oréal Paris), which she claims is “idiot-proof” for creating the perfect cat-eye. (And if you don’t already, be sure to follow Eva on Instagram — she does tutorials on her story all the time!)

-A beauty look you probably won’t see Eva wearing anytime soon? Silver eye makeup. “Glittery silvers or grays around my eyes… it just doesn’t do anything for me.” Instead you’re most likely to see her in a bronze or plum eye look.

-To keep a great blowout going for more than one day, Eva twists her hair into a bun while she sleeps. “When you wake up, it’s like this beautiful wave, and it works every single time.” However, she warns, “It’s just a little uncomfortable.”

What’s the best tip you learned from Eva?

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