Eva La Rue Dishes About Her Passion for Fashion


With the couture shows in full swing, Paris has been the place to be this week for every fashionista worth her mettle — and PEOPLE caught up with CSI Miami’s Eva LaRue at celeb-favorite Elie Saab‘s runway show, where she dished about her passion for all things fashion—including Saab himself. Eva understands why the designer, who made his name with the dress Halle Berry wore for her 2002 Oscar win, is such a Hollywood favorite. “Elie Saab’s always got the dresses for…awards shows and red carpets,” she says. “I’m so looking!” And even though the writers’ strike put a damper on showing off any red carpet style so far this awards season, it’s let her to indulge in something arguably even better. “I’d never have been able to come here if it weren’t for the strike — they’d never give me the time off because it would be sweeps,” she explains. “I’m here in Paris at couture shows, staying at the Ritz. You have to understand” she reveals, “I come from a really small cow town in California.”

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