The actress and model chatted with PEOPLE about being Torrid’s new muse and how she slips in (and out!) of all those latex outfits on Euphoria

By Katie Intner
December 06, 2019 05:05 PM
Credit: TORRID

On HBO’s hit series Euphoria, you are guaranteed to see actress Barbie Ferreira, who plays the sartorially adventurous Kat Hernandez, in at least one piece of latex. But in Torrid’s latest film series, the 22-year-old swapped the shiny fabric for something a little less restrictive: her underwear.

As the star of the brand’s new digital short series (with two videos launching this month and two premiering in 2020), the actress and model finds herself in four undesirable situations, including getting locked out of her apartment in just her undergarments. Disaster could ensue, except Ferreira turns each conundrum into a full-on fashion moment.

“It was so exciting. The mood, the clothes, the makeup, the hair, everything about it,” Ferreira tells PEOPLE about starring in Torrid’s video series.

And if you’re one of the 1.6 million fans who follow the stylish star on Instagram, it should come as no surprise that she collaborated on all of her looks for the short films.

“My team and I were like, ‘Okay, how do we showcase the different parts of my personality and stick to the story line?’ So we were definitely very involved and I got to play with fashion which is my favorite thing to do.”

Ferreira has experience when it comes to contributing to her characters’ wardrobes. “Heidi Bivens [Euphoria’s costume designer] is incredible,” the actress gushes. “She actually came to my apartment in L.A. and looked through my clothing. That’s what’s so special about Euphoria. It was a collaboration, whether it be makeup, hair or clothes.”

In fact, Ferreira’s personal wardrobe was used to create some of Kat’s most iconic looks. “There was a red outfit I wore with my own bustier top. I’m somewhat of a collector of vintage stuff and I brought that shirt in, so it was very personal.”

Credit: HBO

Another one of Kat’s signatures includes her curve-hugging latex looks, which Ferreira says get pretty sweaty during long days on set.

“I have to wear latex for like 12 to 16 hours a day for weeks on end for Euphoria,” she explains. “And I don’t like taking anything off, so I stay in that latex.”

One tip for making it a bit more comfortable? “Emptying out” the sweat as often as possible. “I’ve definitely started sweating and then I’m just a gathering pool.”

Overall, Ferreira says her own personal style aligns with Kat’s.

“Playing Kat brought me back to my teenage years, when I would have fun with my outfits,” she explains. “After years of traveling, working and whatnot, I kind of lost that spark of creativity. But after Euphoria, I absolutely started experimenting again and going back to my roots of being an experimental dresser.”

While the actress, who was named one of TIME’s “30 Most Influential Teens” in 2016, doubted her “expressive” outfits at the time, she says she is proud of her creative nature.

“I was always very insecure about [my outfits] and would think, ‘Am I a bit crazy? Am I taking up too much attention? Is everyone looking at me?’ I wish I could give my 13-year-old self that part of me where I don’t care and to tell her to continue experimenting.”