The sisters talk the trends they'll never try, from thong bikinis to tiny sunglasses

By Lindy Segal
September 07, 2018 04:27 PM
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Sisters Sara and Erin Foster are not only actresses and writers — you may know them from their VH1 series, Barely Famous — but together, they’re also the Heads of Creative for Bumble. It can be a lot to juggle everything, but it’s a challenge that inspires them.

“I think now we’re living in a time where you don’t just have to do one thing,” Sara (wearing a jumpsuit and buckle heels from Banana Republic) said during a panel at the Banana Republic store in N.Y.C.’s Flatiron neighborhood, which is doubling as a Bumble Hive meet-up destination from Sept. 9 through Sept. 12. “If you look at all the women we look up to, they don’t just do one thing. They’re writing books, they’re starting lifestyle brands.”

And when you spend as much time together as these two do, you’re bound to get sick of each other — but Erin and Sara say they are “codependent.”

“What happens is we’ll get into an argument and she’ll slam the door and then 20 minutes later she’ll text me and say, ‘Are you coming over for dinner with the kids?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m on my way!'” Erin (in a black turtleneck, stripe skirt and heels, also all Banana Republic) told PEOPLE following the panel.

And in addition to their various TV shows, the sisters also teamed up for a partnership with clothing brand Sub Urban Riot for their second collection after a successful, smaller line earlier this year.

“It’s been so fun. We’ve always thought about doing something in clothing but we didn’t want to start our own line, ‘cause that just seemed like a lot of work,” Erin explains.

“Yeah I think you need to be realistic too about how much you can take on,” Sara adds. “For us, the idea of doing T-shirts and sweatpants always was exciting, but to go and start your own [line], we were never going to do that.”

From the fit to the cheeky, self-deprecating slogans, the collection “embodies our personalities,” Erin says. So far the best seller has been the “Alpha Female” shirt (which has been spotted on many of their celebrity pals, including their father David Foster’s fiancée, Katharine McPhee). They say that the “Dying Alone” and “Favorite Daughter” tops are buzzy as well.

And given the stars’ candid personalities, they didn’t hold back when asked about trends they won’t be trying anytime soon.

“I can’t handle that everyone wears a thong to the beach,” Sara admits. “When did every bikini become a f—ing G-string? Like, cover your ass cheeks!”

Erin dislikes another miniature fashion item — and it’s one that Mindy Kaling has previously spoken out against. “Throw your little tiny sunglasses into the ocean,” she deadpans.

And the two agree that over-styling has become an issue when it comes to dressing for every day.

“Just in general, all these girls dressing day to day like they’ve been professionally styled. I wish that people would just wear jeans a T-shirt and walk out the door,” Erin says.

Sara concurs — and goes a step further. “It’s like, come on girl, why did you hire a stylist to go to the airport? No one wears open-toed shoes or high heels to the airport. Or a crop top. Put your crop top away on the airplane.”

However, when it comes to fashion they do like, both sisters profess their love for Frame and Brock Collection. And the most prized items in their closets are pretty great, too.

“I have a Balenciaga leather jacket that I couldn’t afford and I should not have bought it but I’m glad I did,” Sara says.

Meanwhile Erin says that a gift from reality TV royalty is her favorite thing: “A Gucci purse that Kris Jenner gave me for my birthday.” Who wouldn’t love that?