Erin Heatherton on Choosing a Signature Scent: 'When You Find It, It's Love'

The Victoria's Secret model has a new gig -- and it smells pretty great

Victoria’s Secret supermodel and ultimate cool girl Erin Heatherton has been spending time in the sports world lately (she keeps landing super-athletic campaigns!), and it’s helped her land another project to add her résumé: brand ambassador for the men’s fragrance, Curve Sport. We chatted with the star at the launch event to get the exclusive scoop on her new gig, finding her signature scent and how she stays motivated to work out in the winter. Check it out, below.


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Growing up, Heatherton was always involved in team sports, particularly basketball (yes, the Victoria’s Secret babe is a b-ball player!). And as any sporty girl knows, you get a lot of locker room and school bus time with the boys’ teams — which means plenty of cologne exposure.

“[Curve Sport] is the first men’s fragrance that I ever knew about — it brings me back to my roots,” Heatherton tells PEOPLE. “I’ve always played sports, and they’re a big part of my life. So in my career, I’m really interested in getting involved with the sporting world.”

And what kind of scent can we expect a sporty Victoria’s Secret model to wear off-duty? Not one, but multiple perfumes at a time! “I layer, but I have about 50 [fragrances],” she shares. “I think fragrance is so much of your identity, and finding the one for you is a lifetime mission. So when you find it, it’s love.”

When the star isn’t on the hunt for her signature scent, she’s probably at the gym working on her fitness — even in the dead of winter. “I don’t mind the cold,” she says. “I grew up in Chicago, so this isn’t really cold to me. Cold is like it was cold a few days ago, when your bare fingers are like dying [without gloves on].”

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Although the model may have trekked in the snow for basketball practice when she was younger, now she likes to add a variety to her workout routine. “The things I do now are [workouts] that teach me something — I do ballet now, and that’s kind of the antithesis of basketball,” she says. “But it’s so cool to have small victories, when you’re working out. When you’re doing yoga and you become more flexible. That’s a real confidence booster for me and how I found confidence when I was growing up.”

Pick up your own bottle of Curve Sport here, then then Tell us: What’s your go-to workout?

–Sarah Kinonen

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