Erin Andrews
January 22, 2018 03:47 PM

For Erin Andrews’ final game of this year’s NFL season that we’ll see her reporting on the sidelines, the FOX game day reporter had to get more bundled up at last night’s Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles NFC Conference Championship than any of the other games she’s been at the past few months.

“Our first cold game of the season! And it was our last game of the season!” Andrews told PeopleStyle when we caught up with her about last night’s look.

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The star also revealed a tidbit about dressing for a game when you’re a sports reporter: it’s better to wear black and gray (which we’ve seen her in plenty this season) than wear color so you never show favoritism towards one team.

“You never want to wear the colors of one team on TV…because you don’t want to seem biased!” she told us.

Erin Andrews

But this time, she made an exception.

Andrews couldn’t resist splurging on this $1,400 Nicole Benisti parka, which just so happened to feature the colors of both competing teams: purple fur trim around the hood (for the Vikings) and an olive green nylon silhouette (for the Eagles).

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“[FOX stylist] Victoria Trilling found this amazing, cozy Nicole Benisti jacket that sported both colors of the Eagles and Vikings! Green and purple! We got so much awesome feedback about how great it looked,” Andrews said. 

The star completed her look with faux leather Spanx leggings (available at Nordstrom for $110) and classic Sorel military boots (we found them for $160 at Neiman Marcus).

“Loved, loved, loved my Spanx version of Moto leggings. They were easy to layer with thermals,” Andrews said. “And I loved the Sorel military boots we paired with it too! Warm, stylish, and colorful on the sidelines.”

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