The DWTS host gets candid about the big difference between sports broadcasting and dance competition hosting


Adam Taylor/ABC

Erin Andrews is no stranger to sideline reporting — and when combined with her experience as a former Dancing With the Stars finalist, she certainly knew a bit about what to expect from her new gig as a host on the show. But even she couldn’t be prepared for the kinds of challenges she faces every week.

For example: “Wearing high heels and strapless bras! I’m used to wearing flats and boots, not gowns,” she tells PEOPLE, laughing. “I worry about the mic packs strapped to my strapless bra pulling it down, and my forty pieces of hair extensions. [My hair got caught in someone’s sleeve] and I grabbed my head to see if my weave was still on. Those kinds of things are different.”

Not that she’s actually complaining. “Every girl wants to dress up and wear fabulous dresses and heels and look beautiful,” she says. “In football, it’s looked at differently if you’re worried about how you look. It’s wrong because the guys on our NFL shows — Michael Strahan, Terry Bradshaw — they all look gorgeous. It’s always like, Why can’t the girls be known for fashion too? Terry Bradshaw doesn’t have to worry about leaving his weave on the field!” On the plus side: “Obviously it’s something different and new — I’m not dodging snot rockets from big linemen this time around!”

Andrews, a spokeswoman for Florida orange juice who says she keeps her show fridge fully stocked with OJ, may be loving her girlie new job, but she’s not taking any of the credit for her glam DWTS looks. “If it was me going out and picking stuff I love, forget it. I have no style,” she says. “My stylist Lee Harris [who also dresses her for Fox Sports] has done a fantastic job. We really wanted to make it very fashion-y, not so much sequins, like what you see on the show. I have such a different style than a lot of the girls — I’m Sporty Spice! It’s a sleeker, different look.”

She said her dress for Monday’s Disney Night was one of her favorites yet, and while she loves to watch the dancers (“I’m so envious of what they can do with their bodies — and what their bodies look like!”) you won’t be seeing her back in a dance costume or on the dance floor anytime soon.

“I don’t dance to work out. I never dance like I did when I was on the show,” she says. “Let’s be honest, I’m doing America a favor by not dancing like i did then. I’ll do a good dance routine in our living room. But no one needs to see me get back on the floor.”

What do you think of Andrews’s hosting style? How about the difference between her on-the-field and on-the-floor challenges? Should she get back out there?

–Alex Apatoff