Last night's look will make you want to break out into a rendition of "Let It Go"

By Emily Kirkpatrick
Updated April 26, 2016 02:36 PM

If North West is any indication, it’s every little girl’s dream to grow up to become Elsa from
. With that flowing gown, serious set of pipes, and icy blonde locks tied up into a perfect plait, we totally get it. And last night on
Dancing with the Stars
, Erin Andrews proved that dreams do come true, transforming herself into a real life fairytale princess

Courtesy Erin Andrews

For Erin, last night’s outfit was all about channeling the ice princess. “Today we were on auto pilot,” she tells PeopleStyle exclusively, “Ryan came in and knew what he was going to do with my hair, Lisa knew what she was going to do with my makeup, and I just sat back and trusted them. But everything changed as soon as I put on this gown.” As we all know a great dress can be an instant game changer, and as Erin put it, “It was a total ‘The cold doesn’t bother me anyway’ moment…FROZEN!!! I was twirling, spinning, and throwing my cape around. The gown was so gorgeous!!” And while it’s clearly stunning from the front, it only gets better as she turns around to reveal an elaborate sheer cape and open back, undeniably making this, “One of my favorite looks ever!!”

Her stylist Alyssa Greene agrees, adding that the dress by Steven Khalil was “magical.” “We were almost going to save it for the finale but we couldn’t wait,” she continued, “The light pink was so pretty on Erin’s skin and it fit her like a glove.” Greene finished off the look with shoes from Manolo Blahnik and jewelry by Sylvie Collection.

Courtesy Erin Andrews

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Courtesy Erin Andrews

As for that complicated, braided updo, hairstylist Ryan Randall says it can be summed up in three words: “Edgy Erin Elsa!” For Randall, this look was, “all about shape. To counter the prettiness of the gown, I opted for a more edgy look. Shape and proportion play a huge roll when creating drama in a hairstyle and I made the most of that this week.” Of course texture was a big part of creating that volume and, “the mohawk shape really added to the edge this week. Height on top, and exaggerated shape all down the back. Knots, twists and curl…this style has it all.”

To create this look Ryan stuck to Bumble and bumble Surf Foam Spray, to create Erin’s much beloved texture, blow dried on wet hair. He followed that up with Kevin Murphy Powder Puff after blowing out her hair straight, and then, “started creating the madness.” Pins, elastics and more pins all locked together with some R+Co Outer Space Hairspray helped achieve the final look.

Courtesy Erin Andrews

As for the glam, makeup artist Lisa Ashley confessed that, “anything Disney related makes Erin Andrews very happy.” So inspired by the nude blush shade of the gown, Ashley decided to do a matching, “glowy, soft, blushy nude look.” But be warned a nude look, doesn’t mean the face should look totally cosmetic-free. As Lisa put it, “you walk a fine line between beautiful, soft nudes and looking like she is not wearing enough makeup for TV. That look can go very wrong.” So to achieve this subtle, dreamy look, she blended, “beige, satin copper and rose together from the high intensity Phyto 4 Ombres by Sisley Paris.” She then, “[cut] the crease with the velvet brown” and created glowy cheeks, “by layering cream shimmers and sheens and a pop of soft pink, bronze Highlighting Blush by Sisley Paris.” She then finished things off with a “pinky nude liner by MAC and KIKO Super Gloss all over,” to create a beauty look worthy of royalty.

What do you think of Erin’s Frozen-inspired look from last night? Sound off below!

–Emily Kirkpatrick