The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star's new makeup line makes you feel like "It's XXPEN$IVE to be me"

By Colleen Kratofil
February 07, 2019 09:00 AM
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Whether living life as Erika Girardi on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or performing for fans as her pop star alter ego Erika Jayne, Erika is never without her glam squad to keep her looking like the “Pretty Mess” that she is. But turns out, the star is just as knowledgeable as her expert team when it comes to makeup. In fact, she just created her very own collection with Too Faced to prove it.

Girardi worked right alongside Jerrod Blandino, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Too Faced, on a six-piece collection of eye shadow palettes, highlighters, lip kits and a lip plumbers (launching February 12) that all have touches of her “XXPEN$IVE” taste. Girardi and Blandino spoke exclusively with PEOPLE to tell us all about the collaborative process.

“This line is about being fearless and it’s about pushing the limits and being yourself and having to gall to be yourself, Girardi tells PEOPLE. “And that’s why Jerrod and I are friends. And I think that’s why Too Faced and Erika Jayne works so well


The packaging on each product contains high-shine warning labels telling users to “Tear if You Dare” because inside, the shade names and labeling all contain the “Erika-isms” that her fans know by heart. You’ll find certain colors of the 12-shade eyeshadow palette named “Whatever, Who Cares?” and “Rich Is Better.”

While the body shimmer is aptly named, “Pat the Puss,” and the highlighter is referred to as the “How Many F—ks Do I Give?Money Honey High-Impact Highlighter.

“The packaging is wonderful and a very clever way to get some pretty racy things across,” says Girardi.

“I think it’s hysterical and so funny how people get so worked up. We had to put a few fair warning labels on the product, which made me even love it even more that we had to do that,” Blandino tells PEOPLE. “If you’re offended, if you don’t get it then move on; we don’t care.”

But besides the “Painkillr” packaging, Girardi’s main goal was to have the line work for everyone’s everyday lives. “I wanted these things to work on stage and in real life,” she explains. “And they do. It’s really proven. I have worn this line for the better part of a year and I’ve worn it throughout Housewives [filming] and on my [Erika Jayne] tour. It is sweat-proof, tear-proof, performance-proof, it is battle tested.”

When asked if any of her RHOBH costars tested out the line yet she replied, “Absolutely not, are you kidding me? We had to keep this a total secret.”

Credit: Courtesy Too Faced

During the collaborating process, Girardi would show Blandino all the different shades and brands she would mix together to create her perfect lip color, or the perfect shimmery bronzer for herself, and they would combine the elements into one perfect formula.

And Blandino will attest that Girardi didn’t just come into the office and put her name on a few products — she was involved in every step of the creative process.

“Erika is the most amazingly talented, multifaceted wonder woman you’re ever going to meet and it was the easiest collaboration I’ve ever done because she did all the work,” Blandino says. “She put the colors together, she pushed me because she needed a lot of cosmetics that wouldn’t just perform as a housewife, but with ability to perform on stage and go through the rigors of what she has to do while taking over an auditorium. So, it was so fun for me to work on formulas that would be able to keep up with her performance.”

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And Girardi is just as grateful for his support and their working relationship.

“I’m so fortunate to have this collection come out. I mean, not a lot of people have had this happen to them. But what made it even sweeter is that I got to do it with someone who’s not only a bona fide expert in their field, but a friend of mine. Which made it a pleasure and a joy. I feel like this was one of my favorite things I’ve ever done in life.”

For Blandino, he thinks this is just the beginning of Girardi’s beauty world takeover. “I know if she says she wants to, she could take over the cosmetic world. She could have her own line.”

And that’s definitely something Girardi would be interested in doing one day. “I would love to have my own cosmetic line, it’s something that is very authentic to me. If you come to my house, I have every [beauty] line, I have everything known to man, and I’ve always been this way.”

So where can you get your hands on this special collection? The entire line drops on on Tuesday, February 12, followed by a launch at and Ulta stores, as well as and Sephora stores on Sunday, February 17.

Watch out, after you start wearing the line, you’ll immediately be singing, “It’s XXPEN$IVE to be me.”