September 04, 2018 08:00 AM


Everyone knows it’s “XXpen$ive” to be Erika Jayne. After all, she spends $40,000 a month on hair, makeup and clothes alone! But now, she’s bringing her stop-and-stare style to the masses, and we promise you won’t have to take out a loan to afford her pieces.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Girardi teamed up with ShoeDazzle as their latest “muse” and shared her must-have favorite shoe styles for fall that are both stylish and very, very affordable.

“I’ve been looking for the perfect partner to help me invite my fans to step into my closet, and my collaboration with ShoeDazzle affords my fans the chance to do just that,” Jayne said in the press release.

Courtesy ShoeDazzle

You can start shopping her favorite heel, slide and boot styles now (see all her top selects here) and spot some of her top picks in her first commercial for the brand, which you can see exclusively for the first time below. (Yes, she pulls out some of Erika Jayne’s signature dance moves!)

“Nothing is more electrifying than strutting around in shoes that make you feel confident and sexy — something I’ve always wanted to give to my fans and now have the opportunity to do so by collaborating with ShoeDazzle.”

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Courtesy ShoeDazzle

And the brand is just as excited to have Girardi join the team. “At ShoeDazzle, we are all about giving our members access to the styles they crave at the prices they love, and our partnership with Erika Jayne is a seamless extension of what we aim to provide,” says Brand President Traci Inglis. “Our shoes may look ‘XXPEN$IVE’ but they are surprisingly affordable for the quality.”

Courtesy ShoeDazzle

And if you think shopping her favorite styles is exciting, just wait for 2019 when Erika will work even more closely with ShoeDazzle.

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