Inside Erika Girardi's Massive 'Pumps Only' Shoe Closet: 'Flats Are for Quitters'

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star gives us a tour inside her L.A. closet

The cast members on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have closets bigger than most homes, but for Erika Girardi, one just wasn’t enough. The reality TV star (and new author) has not one, not two, but three different closets in her Beverly Hills mansion — and she just took PEOPLE on an epic tour.

At your first glance, you’ll spot designer logos and glittering jewelry all over (we counted at least eight pairs of Chanel earrings on one jewelry stand alone). But it’s her shoe collection that will make your jaw drop.

“I probably have too many shoes and most of them are Christian Louboutin and they are as high as possible,” she says, calling her shoe-shopping habit her one “weakness.”

“The feminine form is just sexier in the highest heel possible,” she claims. “Flats are for quitters, at least in my book, so pumps only.”

Fans of the show will also recognize a few designer pieces she wore during filming, including the pink babydoll Gucci dress she wore during her confessional last season and a vintage Alexander McQueen kimono that made an appearance this season during her trip to Japan (which she wore with a bright pink wig).

“I’ve had it for a very long time,” she says of the vintage designer outfit. “This is something that will always be in my life and it’s kind of great.”

Having so much space in her closet(s) has helped her cultivate an amazing collection of pieces she’s had for 15 or more years, plus she still has room for new purchases — like the brand new pair of embellished Gucci heels she showed off. “They’re just kind of fun. Who couldn’t have a fun time in these shoes? If you don’t have a good time in these shoes, you’re not a good time.”

For more on Erika Girardi, check out the latest issue of PEOPLE, on stands Friday, March 16.

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