She's lending her "patting" power to the beauty brand

By Colleen Kratofil
July 21, 2017 06:04 PM
Courtesy Beauty Blender

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Girardi has had a busy week expanding her already-impressive résumé. On top of being a reality star and dancer-singer, she just wrote a tell-all memoir, Pretty Mess, and now she’s lending her “patting” power to help launch the latest Beautyblender product, the Beautyblender “Swirl”, a pink and white tie-dye shade of everyone’s favorite beauty tool.

Girardi says she and her makeup artist, Priscilla Ono, have been using the Beautyblender since it first came out. “I love it,” Girardi tells PeopleStyle. “It’s in everyone’s kit. I believe in it. I love the swirl, I think it’s adorable.”

Courtesy Beauty Blender

Beautyblender founder, Rea Ann Silva, says she chose Girardi to help launch the newest product because she’s been a “Pretty Mess” fan for years. “I was a fan of [Girardi’s] before the Housewives because I would look at her Instagram and think, who’s this gorgeous creature? But then I would look at the makeup artist and go, ‘Oh my gosh they’re using the Beautyblender!'”

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Plus, Silva says that Girardi perfectly exemplifies what the Swirl shade signifies: “I came up with [the pattern] and I envisioned Erika because of the duality of her life. She has everything, plus a rockstar career, and I thought — that’s what swirl is. Swirl is the duality of our iconic pink color and our pure color. I think the reason the Beautyblender works so well is that it really demystifies makeup application for everyone. With the duality of our lives, with work and kids, we want to look pretty and we need something that helps — time is of the essence.”

Now that she’s the face of an exciting new beauty product launch, Girardi says she’d love to do more collaborations in the future. “I love beauty and skincare, I really do,” she says when we sat down to chat with her at the launch in Sephora’s Flatiron N.Y.C. location. “I just went to the back [of the store] and saw all of these products and thought ‘Oh my god, I’ve died and gone to heaven.’ So yes I would love to [collaborate more] in the future.”

If she decides to expand her skills to a fashion line, we’d love to see her team up with Moschino’s designer (and now friend) Jeremy Scott, who praised her style after Girardi came under fire last season about wearing a Moschino T-shirt dress to a fancy affair. The designer reached out to her personally after the episode to applaud her fashion sense. “It was very sweet, he was very supportive of me,” she recalls. “I really appreciated that.”

Being known to push the envelope when it comes to style, she says she doesn’t regret choosing any outfits she’s worn on the show. “I think sometimes [outfits] don’t photograph as good as they look. So I’m going to blame that on the camera.”

While we wait to find out which cast members return for season eight, we hope Girardi is back, with her unapologetic style, of course.

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