August 19, 2009 05:19 PM

Courtesy of Men’s Health

Eric Bana may travel nude through time in The Time Traveler’s Wife, but the Aussie actor has come to admire tailored clothing and a classic look in his own present-day life. “When someone is a good craftsman, I appreciate it,” he tells Men’s Health for their September cover story. “I guess it comes from appreciating design when it comes to cars.” The actor counts Hollywood favorites like John Varvatos, Calvin Klein, Gucci and Tom Ford as a few of his favorite labels. And though he has an appetite for luxe labels when it comes to red carpet wear, Bana claims he really is just a jeans and T-shirt type of guy. “I’m usually grossly underdressed,” he tells the magazine. “I think everyone in my local cafe would literally stop talking if I walked in wearing a suit. They’d laugh at me.” But he still is a careful shopper. “When I look at an item on the rack, there needs to be one distinguishing feature that makes it pop. I look for a detail that I know I’ll appreciate 5 years from now, not just at that moment.” And something he has come to count on? “I love a slim-fitting suit — Tom Ford is a favorite.” Now that’s what we call style. Read more of the Men’s Health interview with Eric Bana, where the hunky actor dishes on his love for cars, old friends and his life outside of Hollywood at


Courtesy of Men’s Health

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