"I'm in that annoying phase, [Bridezilla phase]," she said.

By Sarah Kinonen
Updated March 28, 2016 09:32 PM
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Wedding planning can be stressful (just ask any bride-to-be … but carefully). For Empire star Kaitlin Doubleday (she plays Rhonda Lyon) prepping for her upcoming nuptials to DJ Devin Lucien is bringing out a whole other side of the actress she didn’t know existed: a certain “Kanye West” side, if you will.

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“I can’t believe [my wedding] is coming up so soon. I’m in that annoying [Bridezilla] phase,” Doubleday said on a recent episode of Amazon’s Style Code Live. “I said to my planner, ‘I kind of want to do things that are really mean,’ but I’m sure there’s worse Bridezillas than me. Like, ‘I want to switch out this person for this person at the last minute and is that horrible and I don’t know.’ She’s like ‘Don’t worry, don’t worry.’ I’m evil! It’s more Kanye West of me, isn’t it? I swear to God I’m getting heart palpitations.”

While Doubleday may be knee-deep in selecting the color of her bridesmaid dresses and finalizing seating arrangements for her Empire co-stars and other guests, luckily, when it came to selecting her own dress, she had extra help from a pro: celeb-loved designer Mark Zunino (who provided a dress for Sofia Vergara’s wedding extravaganza).

“That was an amazing pick. He studied under the guy that made all the dresses for Dynasty,” she said. “They have Elizabeth Taylor’s original dress form [in the studio]! No matter what you pick, it just literally makes you feel like a million bucks. You know when you’re wearing strapless things and sometimes you have to puff your chest out or suck in to make you feel like it’s going to stay? This literally feels like, you just put it on and it’s like a glove, and it’s not uncomfortable while making your waist feel like nothing.”

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And while she’s staying healthy as always, the star says she’s not being too strict about a “shedding for the wedding” regimen before the big day — a lax attitude she attributes to her time on the Empire set.

“You know, everybody [in Hollywood] wants to be skinny and that’s hard,” she confessed on Style Code Live. “You can’t work out enough and you can’t be teeny enough. I feel like the times that I’ve gone to the gym and I was like, ‘You guys, I have to go to the gym and work out’ literally at least three separate times [my castmates] have been like, ‘Why? Are you trying to put on weight?’ And I was like ‘Uh, no!'”

She added: “But I do think it’s definitely in the black community, too, that it’s just more beautiful to have curves, and it made me more aware of that entire demographic that I didn’t feel a part of before, you know what I mean? So it definitely has helped me accept what I saw as flaws and realize that other people see it as beautiful.”

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–Sarah Kinonen