How Elisabeth Moss' Emmys Outfit Gave a Subtle Message to the Patriarchy

All about the subtle messages the actress and stylist Karla Welch incorporated into her look

You may think you saw every inch of every dress to hit the Emmys red carpet, but we did a little investigative work and found out there are some hidden details to the glitzy outfits that you might have missed. Some looks took 40 hours to create, others were decorated with over 3,700 crystalsand for Emmy winner Elisabeth Moss, her pretty pink tea-length dress and accessories were created to deliver subtle messages to the patriarchy.

Moss’ stylist Karla Welch Instagrammed a close-up shot of the bottom of Moss’ Olgana Paris heels that showed the word “off” written in cursive on one of the soles.

She captioned the post: “You’ll have to guess what the other shoe says…. our note to the patriarchy #teamresistance.

So what does the other shoe say? The most likely conclusion is a profanity that rhymes with the word pluck, but another theory is that it’s a nod to her character, Offred, who fights against the patriarchal, post-apocalyptic existence she finds herself trapped in.

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Welch joked with PEOPLE saying they chose Moss’ custom Forevermark earrings (made with nearly nine carats of diamonds) because: “We just wanted f— you diamonds,” she says.

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Her custom Prabal Gurung dress was also created with a clear, modern vision in mind. When they discussed design options with the designer Welch says: “We wanted it to feel modern and amazing, and so we did not want to wear a floor-length gown,” she tells PEOPLE.

They also paid very close attention to the color of the dress and went through several variations of pale pink before getting the perfect combination. “It’s such a feminine color,” Welch says. “It didn’t feel too ‘baby’.”

In her Emmy-winning performance as Offred in Hulu’s The Handsmaid’s Tale, Moss plays a rebel fighting a frightening, horrific patriarchal society.

Having also played the strong female character of Peggy Olson in Mad Men, Moss says she doesn’t only gravitate toward these types of roles, but focuses on the character.

When discussing The Handsmaid’s Tale with TIME she explained, “I find myself getting slightly tripped up because I am a feminist, and I’m not ashamed of it. But that’s not why I chose this role. I did it because it’s a complex character.”

What do you think of her Emmys look?

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