September 22, 2013 11:37 PM


It may be 75 sweltering degrees on the red carpet — and even hotter when you factor in shapewear, flashbulbs and all that pressure — but that doesn’t stop stars from wearing velvet, twelve pounds of tulle, and, in the case of these two stars, long-sleeved black lace turtlenecks.

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Both Aubrey Plaza and Amanda Peet seem to have checked the same weather forecast before hitting the red carpet today, each choosing super high-necked looks for their long walk to the auditorium. But just because the looks were all covered up doesn’t mean they were super-conservative. Plaza’s Marios Schwab design had sparkling accents at the neck, while Peet’s Erdem gown allowed for some breeze to get through at her knees and abs.

It’s not that they look bad, necessarily, it’s just that these are probably the last looks we would have chosen for a sunny first day of fall in L.A. At the SAGs, we wouldn’t be scratching our heads quite as much.

Do you agree that these are making you sweat by association, or are we totally off base here? Tell us in the comments.

–Alex Apatoff

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