Emmy Rossum on Her Vintage Engagement Ring: 'I Like That I've Inherited Someone's Story'

Emmy Rossum talks engagement ring and holiday memories

Emmy Rossum already has her holiday dressing on lock: She’s nailed the festively monochromatic look, knows how to make a simple updo into a statement and — of course — she has some brand-new glitz on her left hand, courtesy of fiancé Sam Esmail.

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So about that ring: Is she as enamored of it as we are? Yes, and for a sweet reason: “I like that it’s old and I like to imagine who wore it before me and the life that they had,” she told PeopleStyle while promoting Godiva’s Hot Chocolate for a Cause, which gives a dollar for every cocoa beverage sold in-store to the Marines’ Toys for Tots foundation. “I don’t know the story behind it, but it’s from 1920 in Paris, so I like that I’ve inherited someone’s story, and I hope that it’s a good one.”

She also has spent some time in a wedding dress recently, but it’s not what you think — she’s filming scenes for Shameless. “Everyone on set was asking me [if it was strange to wear a wedding gown] and no, not at all,” she says. “I hope that the real day is a lot more relaxed than a day of filming!”

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And don’t look for her to be undertaking a whole bridal makeover next year. After committing herself to wearing SPF every day in 2015 (good one!) the star says she’s got no resolutions on the brain for 2016. “I always break resolutions,” she explains. “I feel like if something is important enough, I don’t need a date to tell me when I should start it. I start it when I need to start it.”

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She’s already started her holiday shopping, with a good mix of gifts that give back to charity as well as one-of-a-kind finds on her list. But the real secret? Not getting too hung up on having everything wrapped under the tree on Dec. 25. “Sometimes my family will wait until after Christmas to buy each other presents because you can get some really good stuff,” she says. “We’re not above an after-Christmas sale.”

This season, you can also expect to find her caroling with her family, volunteering at a soup kitchen and enjoying plenty of holiday chocolate faves, from Godiva’s “classic oyster” to (yep) hot cocoa. “I have so many memories of my mom over the stove melting dark chocolate with a whisk over a double boiler and pouring fresh whole milk in and making fresh hot chocolate … As I got older, she would add a shot of espresso for me, so it does have really super fond memories of home and holiday time in general.”

What’s your favorite thing to buy for the holidays?

— Alex Apatoff, with reporting by Nicole Sands

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