Plus, find out how to make your wardrobe sustainable too!

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Coveteur/Jake Rosenberg
Credit: Coveteur/Jake Rosenberg

Emma Watson has made it her mission to wear exclusively eco-friendly clothes on her Beauty and the Beast promo tour — and we can’t look away. Now the actress is opening up her personal closet and sharing the passion behind her commitment to sustainable fashion in a candid new interview with Coveteur.


Although she makes it look effortless every day, it’s been a creative challenge to source her conscious wardrobe, and it’s forced her to edit down her clothes.

“[Becoming conscious about dressing] has been incredibly liberating, in a funny way,” she tells Coveteur. “Because it’s narrowed my options so much, I’m much more creative. I actually really think it’s helped me dress better because I have less, but they’re things that are perfect.”

Now more than ever, Watson says she’s aware of incorporating female designers into the mix. One of her favorites is Gabriela Hearst who she calls “absolutely amazing, very sustainable, really smart.” She also looks to brand’s like Dior, now led by Maria Grazia Chiuri, and its parent company LVHM which recently signed with Women’s Empowerment Principle.

Coveteur/Jake Rosenberg
Credit: Coveteur/Jake Rosenberg

To build your own eco-closet, Watson suggests visiting vintage stores and secondhand shops, buying more durable items and taking care of what you already have in your closet, like getting shoes resoled instead of throwing them out. Getting an item you can wear all the time is a good idea too.

“The thing that I wear pretty much very day at the moment is a black cashmere turtleneck, from Chinti and Parker. I wear it every day and it’s like, the softest, warmest hug,” she says. “Cashmere is incredibly expensive, but it is something I wear day in, day out.”

Coveteur/Jake Rosenberg
Credit: Coveteur/Jake Rosenberg

She’s also trying to get her beauty routine down to being 100 percent green, but has one crucial hang-up. “For beauty products, I tend to have an 80/20 rule, where the majority of things I buy I tend to have chemical-free as much as possible, but there are some things which you just can’t find. Like a natural, waterproof mascara. But I’m trying!”

Watson’s passion and interest in sustainability all started back in college when she says she “couldn’t understand why it wasn’t standard business practice to pay people fairly for their work.”

With all the awareness she’s raising now, the 26-year-old star is on her way to making a major impact on the fashion industry.

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