Emma Watson on Trading Harry Potter for Karl Lagerfeld

Courtesy Interview magazine

Harry Potter’s leading lady Emma Watson has been a fixture on the big screen since her acting debut as Hermione Granger at the tender age of 9. And now a decade later, the 19-year-old is telling Interview magazine all about her transformation from child star to glamour girl. While the young Brit has managed to stay out of the tabloids, she has been the talk of the fashion world, rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s most high-profile tastemakers, including Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld. “We spent the whole day together,” she says, “and he can talk about anything — literature, art, science, modern culture. I was totally seduced. I felt spoiled to be spending so much time with him.” Yet even with her fabulous fashion connections and big-girl paychecks, Emma remains down-to-earth when it comes to shopping. “I don’t really buy designer stuff. I have a few nice things, but I don’t really have the occasion to wear couture too often,” she says. But when those occasions do pop up, Emma calls on her friends. “I’m typically lent something — which means I have to give it back at midnight, like Cinderella.” Although Emma is considering heading to the U.S. for the Ivy League this year, she’s rumored to be starring in an upcoming Burberry ad campaign — so maybe this won’t be the last the fashion world has seen of her. Read the complete interview at interviewmagazine.com.

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