By Kate Hogan
Updated April 11, 2011 02:30 PM


Emma Watson may be best known for her recurring role in the Harry Potter franchise, but please, don’t call her Hermione. “I’m aware that it’s hard for audiences to separate me from my character,” she admits in the summer issue of New Zealand’s
magazine. So to delineate the real Watson from her on-screen counterpart, the 20-year-old is expanding her body of work to include decidedly un-Hogwarts-like projects. “Hopefully by doing things like that people will see a different side of me,” she says of her fashion portfolio, which includes stumping for Burberry, Lâncome and designing for People Tree and Alberta Ferretti. This newfound style initiative, however, isn’t entirely a marketing maneuver. “I love fashion and clothes,” she says, evidence of which can be found in her funky street style. “It’s fun playing around with different sides of your personality.” And no matter how many ad campaigns she does, she is not impervious to insecurities. “It’s been pretty harrowing at times, especially as I am so intensely self-critical,” she admits. “That’s why I banned myself from reading everything about myself on the Internet.” Aha! So we can call you Hermione! To read more about Watson’s fashion metamorphosis, pick up the new issue of Remix, on stands in the U.S. now. —Justine Harman