April 25, 2014 08:16 PM

We’ve made no secret of how dazzled we’ve been by Emma Stone‘s Amazing Spider-Man 2 promotional tour. From the on-point hair to the flawless makeup, the star has been turning it out at every stop. And Thursday night’s N.Y.C. premiere, she did it again — this time, with bangs! We reached out to her pros, L’Oréal Paris consulting hair expert Mara Roszak and Chanel celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin, for the full rundown on her casually elegant beauty look, created to accompany her pretty Prada gown. (Says Roszak, “It’s one of my favorite dresses I’ve ever seen, period.”)

First, we had to ask Roszak what inspired the bangs. “We’ve really done a lot of different looks [on this press tour] and this was something fun and different,” she tells PEOPLE. “Emma’s had bangs in the past [but] it’s been a long time. We both were like, ‘This is gonna be a fresh look, let’s do it!’ I knew they would be a really fun look for her so I just felt like why not have them for a premiere, like an accessory.”

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And even though it’s hard for Roszak to choose a favorite premiere look, she is partial to our personal top pick too: Her romantic Old Hollywood look at the London premiere. “It was such a great way to start the tour,” she says. “Sometimes to me it really does feel Emma is from another time. I feel like she can wear period styles so well in a way that a lot of other people can’t.”

But she went for the polar opposite look for the N.Y.C. premiere. “The whole idea was for it to have a lived-in, easy, sexy feel,” she says. “It’s a little French girl-inspired, a little rough, not too sweet. It’s got a lot of rough texture in it.” She used L’Oréal Paris’s Advanced Hairstyle “High Lift Creation” spray on wet hair for root lift, then the “Tousle Waves” spray on dry hair for extra texture.

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To go with her low-key hair, Goodwin created a “very feminine, very glamorous 1970s-disco era … brought into today” makeup look with a focus on the lip. She blended three shades (Chanel Aqua Crayon lip color stick in “Rosewood” to line, Revlon ColorBurst balm stain in “Adore” on top and finished with Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in “Raisin Rage”) for a wine-stained look, then kept the eye light with a shimmery shadow on top and below (Chanel’s Soft Touch eyeshadow in “Lotus” and “Taupe Grise”), lining for definition with Revlon’s ColorStay liner in “Black Brown.”

“I definitely went shimmer, luminous and lit from within,” Goodwin said. “I took my cues from the dress, which was very fleshy, very nude, but there were these tiny details — pewter rhinestones and this deep deep deep burgundy lining underneath. I wanted [her makeup] to have a bit more of a powerful feeling, I didn’t want her to disappear into the nude color.”

She also has a tough time picking a favorite look from the tour — she loved Berlin’s blue shadow and London’s radiant pink lip. “She’s not afraid of color, she knows how to embrace it and does it in a way that’s sophisticated and doesn’t look overdone,” Goodwin says. “Even if she’s looking super glamorous she somehow is so down to earth … That’s really important. Makeup should be fun, dressing up should be fun, it is a privilege and she knows it is and she sees it as that.” She does take two things very seriously, though: her brows. “The only thing I think she’s really passionate about is her eyebrows. We share an eyebrow passion,” Goodwin says. “It’s really funny.”

Perhaps our favorite tidbit? Stone, Goodwin and Roszak are all Pinterest-obsessed — Roszak is constantly pinning cool hairstyles and Stone loves to weigh in on their boards. “She loves Pinterest. we’ll look on Pinterest and say, ‘Ooh, look at this one.'”

What do you think of her N.Y.C. look? What was your favorite Stone premiere style? Tell us in the comments!

–Alex Apatoff, reporting by Jackie Fields

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