Emma Stone Changes Her Hair Color Three Times in One Month

The actress has never met a hair hue she couldn't rock

There’s nothing like a little change to your look to make you feel like a totally new person. But while a lot of surprising stars are changing up their beauty look for the warm months ahead and going bleach blonde, it seems Emma Stone can’t decide what color she likes the best. The Birdman star gave her entire beauty vibe a total revamp three times over the course of the last month alone, going from brunette, to blonde, and now back to her signature shade of red.

Emma Stone Blonde Brunette Redhead Hair Change

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Emma first dyed her hair a deep shade of chestnut at the end of April just in time to make a very dramatic entrance at the Met Gala in her Game of Thrones-inspired gown. She then went platinum a few short weeks later on May 22, giving Taylor Swift a run for her money. But it turns out the actress’s blonde bombshell moment was even shorter lived than her stint as a true brunette. On Wednesday, she abruptly ended her hair hue tour, returning to her signature shade of vibrant auburn.

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Her colorist, Tracey Cunningham, explained the quick change, saying, “Being a blonde does take maintenance, and Emma is very low maintenance and such a natural beauty. We just decided to take her back to red – it’s easier to keep up and maintain for the summer, especially with her schedule.”

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Let Emma serve as a lesson to all those stars going white blonde right now in the name of summer, though the packed beaches and Instagram shots of melting ice cream cones might try to convince you otherwise, the grass isn’t always greener on the peroxided side of the street.

Which of Emma’s hair colors is your favorite? What do you think she should try next?

–Emily Kirkpatrick

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