The Danish It girl flipped the script on bridal dressing

By Colleen Kratofil
June 07, 2018 04:29 PM

Here comes the bride!

Thanks to the enormous sun hat Danish It-girl, actress and model Emma Leth wore on her wedding day, it was hard to tell who exactly was walking down the aisle — which is precisely what Leth wanted!

Leth was sporting “le grand chapeu” from French designer Jacquemus to wed artist Tal Rosenzweig over the weekend. And as it turns out, she chose the gigantic topper for an extremely sweet reason.

“Getting married is a deeply private thing that you do in front of a lot of people,” Vogue reports. “This is why I needed a hat that combined the feeling of hiding and sharing generosity at the same time.”

Emma Leth/Instagram

And her hat wasn’t the only statement-making part of her bridal look.

Leth wore a sheer, long-sleeve lace dress with a bright purple bra and underwear that were very visible.

Emma Leth/Instagram

If you’re thinking to yourself, who would spend $697 on a hat the size of rug, tuns out, a lot of people! The topper is currently out of stock and is turning out to be the hottest Instagram accessory of the summer.

Just yesterday Bella Hadid posed wearing the same style of hat wearing nothing else but a string bikini bottom.

She captioned her summery sandy pic, “in my leisure suite.”

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So before you throw shade at all the Instagram photos you’re bound to see of the hat this summer, you may want to add your name to that re-stock list ASAP!