March 19, 2017 05:48 PM

Emily Ratajkowski took skinny dipping to a whole other level on Sunday when she shared a shot of herself in the buff while lounging in a rocky pool of water.

“La Sirena,” the 25-year-old model captioned the shot, using the Spanish term for mermaid.

Ratajkowski is currently vacationing in Mexico at the Cuixmala resort. Earlier on Sunday, she shared a shot of herself in a green bikini, looking incredibly tanned and wearing her ubiquitous gold body chain.

Ratajkowski is no stranger to showing off her nude body on Instagram, often posting revealing (and equally empowering) photos on social media.

The model, who is also an outspoken feminist and activist, recently opened up to InStyle about how she deals with criticism from so-called-feminists who slam her revealing photos.

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“The main criticism I get is ‘Aren’t you just conforming to a patriarchal standard of beauty?’ Well, this is just the body I was given,” she said. “I didn’t do anything to it— it’s just my body. But even if I had altered it, that would be fine too.”

Ratajkowski is also all about supporting her fellow naked women. Last year, the model posed topless with Kim Kardashian West after the reality star was criticized for posing completely nude on Instagram (albeit with some carefully placed black censor bars). Earlier this year, Ratajkowski made headlines when she defended former model (and current First Lady) Melania Trump against a journalist who allegedly called her a “hooker.”

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