Emily Ratajkowski Finally Gets a Mega Two-Stone Engagement Ring - 4 Months After Her Wedding

Emily Ratajkowski's husband Sebastian Bear-McClard finally put a ring on it, and it's a two-stone stunner

Emily Ratajkowski‘s husband Sebastian Bear-McClard finally put a (engagement) ring on it!

The 27-year-old model shocked fans with a surprise wedding back in February, marrying the actor and producer at N.Y.C.’s City Hall.

At the time, the couple both donned simple gold wedding bands, with Ratajkowski explaining in April that Bear-McClard didn’t have an engagement ring when he proposed and instead used a paper clip to show his commitment.

But on Wednesday, it appeared Bear-McClard came through with a real ring — Ratajkowski showed off a mega two-stone stunner on Instagram in a series of shots.

The bling features both square-cut and pear-cut diamonds, coupled together on what appears to be one band. In photos, Ratajkowski is wearing them next to her gold wedding band.

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No captions were given on the posts (save for a sparkling emoji), but Ratajkowski was sure to model the ring in one shot as she held her hand up to her face.

Her husband stood proudly in the background of another picture, as she looked down at the ring on her hand.

Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard hadn’t gone public with their romance until their wedding announcement. Prior to that, Ratajkowski was in a serious relationship with Jeff Magid — her boyfriend of over four years.

Their February wedding was documented on social media, where Ratajowski shared photos of their City Hall ceremony.

Instead of wearing traditional all white for the nuptials, Ratajkowski wore a mustard-colored power pantsuit straight off the rack from Zara. The model belted the $119 long double-breasted jacket from the brand and paired it with matching flared $69.90 trousers.

Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram
Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

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Two witnesses were on hand — one being social media star Fat Jewish, who made a statement of his own by sporting Planned Parenthood sweats.

“I got married today,” Ratajowski wrote on a selfie with her new husband posted right after the quick ceremony that showed off their gold wedding bands. Her hubby flashed two other rings on his fingers that read “EM” and “RATA.”

Minutes after announcing the news, the star also shared a romantic photo of the couple embracing and simply captioned the shot, “💍ny💍.”

As for those two wedding bands, Ratajkowski revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in April that they were only supposed to be temporary but have taken on special meaning.

They had walked into China Town and bought an ounce of gold, which he planned on melting down and shaping into rings. But when Ratajkowski didn’t see that as a successful plan, she and Bear-McClard turned to an Israeli jewelry designer for some help.

“We came into his studio after hours and we like actually hammered them out, the whole thing, used a little blow torch,” she said. “They were supposed to be temporary rings but now I’m very attached and I really don’t want to get rid of it. And I just feel like, making it yourself, could you be more personal?”

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Meanwhile, though their courtship was short, Ratajkowski has assured fans that their love is the real deal.

People came after my marriage, like, ‘Wow. I give it three weeks,’” Ratajkowski told Marie Claire in the magazine’s June cover issue.

“I’m like, ‘What?’” she continued. “No one can take women seriously on any choices that they make, especially if they’re unique to them and they don’t play into the way we think women should get married. It’s a constant writing-off.”

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