The actress is spilling all the details about her beauty regimen

By Sarah Kinonen
Updated August 18, 2015 08:09 PM

If you don’t know who Emily Ratajkowski is by now, it’s time to pay attention. The 24-year-old model-turned-actress, who you may recognize from last year’s Gone Girl (she played Ben Affleck’s character’s mistress), stars in the Entourage movie and the upcoming comedy, We Are Your Friends, alongside Zac Efron. But most importantly, she’s quickly becoming one of the most watchable stars on the red carpet thanks to her sexy style choices and bold beauty moments. The New York Times noticed — and sat down with the breakout star to chat all things beauty, fitness and more, below.

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Hitting the red carpet means getting glam for the cameras, but in her down time, Ratajkowski says she tends to keep her makeup to a minimum when she’s not working.

“I have really big features, so a little makeup goes a long way. I would hate to look like a clown,” she told
. “During the day, I use Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint … I’m not sure it really covers much, but it evens me out. Then I use Charlotte Tilbury mascara and cream blush. Charlotte provided all the makeup for We Are Your Friends so that’s how I got to try her products.”

But when the star does have to get dolled up, she can’t help look to an old favorite to amp up her look: the cat eye. “If I have a meeting or need to look more done up, the thing I can always do is a cat eye. I like the Revlon Colorstay liner,” she said. “I have a comb for my eyebrows that I spray with Elnett [hairspray].”

She adds: “I’m really loving Charlotte’s Filmstar Bronze & Glow, which has a highlighter and a contour shade. I only use the highlighter, though. I put it on the top of my cheekbones, down the line of my nose and my Cupid’s bow. I’m not big on contouring. My features are really out there already.”

As for her signature scent, Ratajkowski says she simply doesn’t have one. “I actually don’t wear fragrance. I always feel like I smell cheap,” she said. “I guess I just haven’t found one that’s not overpowering or too sweet. Even when I try one of the super masculine scents, I just think, ‘I don’t want to smell like a man.’ Besides, I like my own scent.”

And believe it or not, the star says her crazy six-pack isn’t the result of logging long hours on the treadmill followed by elaborate sets of crunches. In fact, Ratajkowski says she doesn’t even go to the gym.

“For me, it’s about feeling good about what you eat. I do love turmeric and beet juices. It’s so L.A., you can’t avoid it.” she said. “But I don’t have a trainer, and I don’t really go to the gym. I go on long walks and hikes with my girlfriends. That’s about it. I’m just not a crazy fitness person. I’m definitely an outlier in the industry.” If only we could be so lucky.

Do you use some of the same products as Emily? If so, which is your favorite? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen

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